A building with a high NABERSNZ Certified Rating has the potential to attract high value tenants who would pay a premium for an energy efficient building – research in Australia, where NABERS is well established, shows up to 8% more.

NABERSNZ is a systematic, proven, cost effective tool that ensures your building is performing at a high standard. NABERSNZ is essentially a de-risking tool: well rated assets are shown to have longer lease terms, lower vacancies, and substantially superior net operating income.

Highly rated buildings also have better occupancy rates and longer lease terms. It does not matter what age or size your office building is, it can still get a NABERSNZ rating providing it has been in use for at least a year.

You don’t have to publicise your rating unless you want to.

If your building starts with a low rating, you can simply use it as a benchmark to track your progress as you implement energy efficiency measures. Many of these measures cost little or nothing, and once your rating has improved you can use it to attract higher value tenants and higher returns. You will also have a better performing, well-maintained building.

Uptake of NABERSNZ is likely to be market driven and will be promoted by EECA over the long term, because a more energy efficient built infrastructure will use precious energy resources more efficiently.

There’s no shame in starting on a low rating – it’s just the beginning of the journey.

NABERSNZ is simply a guide to track your progress as you implement energy efficiency measures. When you’re satisfied with your rating, you may want to promote it.

Tenants are now asking about NABERSNZ ratings when looking for premises. Stay ahead of your customers’ expectations by getting a rating.