Rules and documents for Accredited Assessors

NABERSNZ assessors are required to collect and interpret assessment data.

The following documents outline the rules, rulings, and procedures and provide guidance for Accredited Assessors.


The current version of the NABERSNZ rules for collecting and using data is available below.

NABERSNZ Rules - Energy and Water for Offices V 1.2 [PDF, 3 MB]
NABERSNZ Rules for collecting and using data [PDF, 4.6 MB]


The documents below provide subsidiary rules clarifications addressing specific issues often encountered during the assessment process.

Thermal Energy Exclusions [PDF, 234 KB]
Condenser Water Use [PDF, 138 KB]
Managing impacts of COVID-19 on NABERS ratings [PDF, 880 KB]
Batch-delivered supplies (real consumption measurement) [PDF, 184 KB]


Process guidance for Accredited Assessors and rating clients.

Rating Auditing [PDF, 370 KB]
Level 2 Audit Timeline Diagram [PDF, 157 KB]
Assessment Procedure [PDF, 173 KB]
Process Outline [PDF, 173 KB]
Information Transfer Procedure [PDF, 135 KB]

Accredited Assessor documents

Guidance and templates through which Accredited Assessors maintain their accreditation and conduct assessments.

Company Agreement [PDF, 203 KB]
Accredited Assessor Agreement [PDF, 197 KB]
Code of Practice [PDF, 130 KB]
Accredited Assessor and Certified Rating Renewal [PDF, 112 KB]

Factsheets and guidelines

Guidelines and introductions to ensure the NABERSNZ brand and certified ratings are communicated effectively and consistently by NABERSNZ Accredited Assessors and clients.

Certified Ratings Terms and Conditions [PDF, 116 KB]
Brand guidelines [PDF, 3.9 MB]
Preparing for a NABERSNZ Certified Rating [PDF, 154 KB]
A clear view of building energy performance [PDF, 168 KB]
Before you get an energy rating [PDF, 243 KB]
Energy metering in office buildings [PDF, 244 KB]