Self-assessment user guide

1. Start the tool

Go to the Self Assessment tool.

Self Assessment tool(external link)

The tool will open in a new tab in your browser, allowing you to refer back to these pages at any time.

You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions for use of this tool before continuing.

2. Complete the ‘Details’ section

  1. Reference – this is a free text field allowing you to enter a reference of your choosing (e.g. building name, date, number…). This is useful for grouping, identifying and locating saved results later.
  2. Organisation name – the name of your organisation
  3. Assessment type – choose from the dropdown list: Base building, Whole Building or Tenancy
  4. Address (optional field)- Enter the building’s street address:
    Enter address and click ‘go’.
    Click ‘Select this address', choosing the correct address if multiple options are presented.
    You will see a map and image to help you ensure the address is correct. Click “Use this building” if the building shown is the correct one.
  5. Select region – this field is populated automatically if an address has been selected. If you have not entered an address, you will need to choose a region from the drop-down list. This field is required.
  6. Area – This is the floor area for which your results will be calculated. For a Tenancy assessment this includes the area rented by a tenant, including service areas. For Base building and Whole building assessments this includes the rentable area (tenancies), common areas and tenant service areas. Non-office, public access and vacant areas should be excluded.
  7. Hours of use – enter the number of hours pr. week in which 20% or more of the occupants are present.
  8. Number of computers – the number of computers normally in use.

3. Complete the Energy use section

  1. Select if you want to enter your current annual energy use by fuel type, or if you do not know your current usage, or only want to know the energy use required for a target rating (e.g. new builds or refurbishments) you can choose to enter your planned energy use as a percentage by energy type (e.g. 90% electricity, 10% gas).
  2. Select energy type from the dropdown list and click ‘add’
  3. Enter the energy usage for the selected energy type (should be based on a 12 month period)
  4. If more than one type of energy is used for the premises you are assessing, repeat steps 1 and 2 as required
  5. The energy use data for all energy types should ideally be based on the same 12 month period for more accurate results.

4. Target star rating

If you are wanting to achieve a particular rating, enter the target star rating and your results will indicate what energy use you should be aiming for.

5. Calculate

Click ‘Calculate your results’. This will generate results based on the data you have entered.

6. Saving your results

All users can download results to your own computer.

Choose ‘Download results’ to download your calculation to your computer in .pdf format, or ‘Email results’ to email your calculation to yourself in .pdf format.

Note on browser compatibility

The NABERSNZ self assessment tool will not work in Internet Explorer versions older than IE 8. We recommend using a newer version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari (all can be downloaded free of charge).

If you have questions about the self assessment tool, please contact us at