Powell Fenwick House

Powell Fenwick House is a five storey, central Christchurch office building with ground floor retail. The fit-out works were undertaken on an existing building that was able to be strengthened and fully refurbished with new facades and services following the earthquakes. Re-using the existing concrete structure provided significant reductions in embodied carbon when compared with a completely new building.

Powell Fenwick House image.

The services and architectural design of the building and fit-out incorporate a wide range of sustainability initiatives, including:

  • High efficiency heating and cooling using air source heat pump and chiller machines
  • Solar domestic hot water heating and low flow water fixtures.
  • High efficiency LED lighting with occupancy sensing and daylight dimming controls
  • High performance façade design providing extensive views and daylight whilst minimising energy consumption and glare.
  • High quality acoustic environment.
  • The use of sustainable materials.

About Powell Fenwick House

Address 383 Colombo Street, Christchurch
NABERSNZ rating 5 Stars
Type of rating Whole Building Rating
Expires 27 July 2024
Size 3896.8m2
Rating Owner Pablo Properties
NABERSNZ Assessor Chris Mills