Vero Centre

Standing at 170m tall featuring an iconic ‘halo’ roof feature, the Vero Centre has dominated Auckland’s skyline as New Zealand’s tallest building since its completion in 2000. Designed by PTW Architects, Vero Centre has won numerous awards for excellence in design, construction and efficiency.

Including the RICS International Award for Building Efficiency and Regeneration in 2001 and the EnergyWise Award 2004. Vero Centre has also been calculated to use around 10% less energy than the average New Zealand Property Council building.


About Vero Centre

Address 48 Shortland Street, Auckland
NABERSNZ rating 4.5 Stars
Type of rating Base Building Rating
Expires 22 March 2022
Size 35106.3m2
Rating Owner Kiwi Property Group Limited
NABERSNZ Assessor Matt Blackwell