Energy efficient buildings reduce your operating costs and many efficiency upgrades cost very little and deliver permanent savings. A NABERSNZ rating is an effective way to measure the performance of your building over time.


You don’t have to tenant an entire building to get a NABERSNZ rating – you can just rate the area/floors you lease.

You can also build staff productivity by maintaining an efficient tenancy: employees are more likely to remain with an employer who provides a pleasant work environment, and take less sick leave.

A commitment to NABERSNZ can anchor your sustainability values and demonstrate to customers and clients that you are “walking the talk”. And energy efficiency is a good way to engage your staff with sustainability – many efficiencies come from behaviour changes such as switching off lights and computers.

When negotiating lease terms, have a NABERSNZ rating built in. Having the building owner get a base building rating will help ensure your share of building operating expenses is reasonable, and it will also help ensure the premises is a productive work environment.