The New Zealand Green Building Council offers training courses for anyone interested in becoming a NABERSNZ Accredited Assessor or Practitioner.

NABERSNZ Practitioners

Practitioners are trained to have a broad knowledge about NABERSNZ and the certified rating process from a client's perspective. Although they are not fully accredited and cannot perform certified rating assessments, their understanding of the tool and its objectives enables Practitioners to take a leadership role in initiating and implementing a NABERSNZ rating and a building's continuous improvement process.

NABERSNZ Accredited Assessor

Assessors are independent building energy professionals who are trained and accredited to perform NABERSNZ Certified Ratings. To qualify as a NABERSNZ Accredited Assessor you must complete the course, pass the subsequent exam, and carry out supervised ratings.

Find out more about NABERSNZ Qualifications - NZGBC(external link)