Funding and support

EECA supports businesses to improve energy performance – including through funding certain business cases and effciency projects.

Although direct funding for Certified Ratings is not available, much of the work you can do to improve your rating can attract funding.

  • Energy management strategy and planning

    To really benefit from energy efficiency, many companies need to do more than invest in one-off energy-saving projects - they need a strategic commitment. Find out how you can apply for energy management strategy and planning support.

  • Monitoring and Targeting

    A monitoring and targeting system tells you in real time how your building is using energy and when things aren’t working. Using one could shave up to 20% off your annual energy bill.

  • Optimisation of HVAC systems

    To perform at their best, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems need ongoing adjustment, taking changes in energy demand from staff or equipment into account. This process is also known as continuous commissioning.