Free first step to future proof your building

Property owners and tenants are being offered the chance to get a free assessment done on their office buildings to start them on the journey to obtaining a NABERSNZ Certified Rating.

NABERSNZ is an independent measurement and rating tool that benchmarks the energy performance of commercial office buildings in New Zealand.

NABERSNZ is delivered in New Zealand by EECA Business in collaboration with the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC).

NZGBC chief executive Andrew Eagles today announced 60 free NABERSNZ feasibility assessments are available for existing office properties in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

The assessments would look at what is required to undertake a NABERSNZ Certified Rating.

“This free assessment will help owners and tenants to get started on achieving a NABERSNZ Certified Rating,” said Mr Eagles.

Feasibility assessments will be carried out by NABERSNZ interns, who will undergo a training course before starting. The interns will be supervised by NZGBC.

Mr Eagles and his team will work with those who undertake the assessment to continue the process to achieve a Certified Rating.

“We have helped many owners and tenants achieve great results at their buildings, starting by getting the easy wins which instantly result in savings.

 “NABERSNZ helps landlords identify improvements they can make to save energy and that makes their building more attractive to tenants.

“A building with a high NABERSNZ Certified Rating is more likely to attract high value tenants who will pay a premium for an energy efficient building – research in Australia shows up to 8% more.

“The steps you take to get a good Certified Rating will see you reduce costs, save energy and improve comfort.”

Applicants may be property owners, tenants, consultants, building managers or facilities managers representing their clients.

Further information:

 NABERSNZ free feasibility assessment offer

NABERSNZ provides a benchmark for energy performance against other buildings across New Zealand. The starting point for many businesses is the free online self-assessment tool, which provides a feel for how the building might rate. A Certified Rating is an in-depth assessment, providing a publishable official rating. Certified Ratings range from 0 to 6 stars.

See our online assessment tool here:

  Online assessment tool

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