Tenant, manager and owner work together to gain a 5.5 NABERSNZ rating

A Greenstar rated building doesn’t necessarily mean an energy efficient one. M Six Investments, Newcrest and IAG share a commitment to sustainability – so it made sense to use energy ratings to track performance.

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The NZI Centre on 1 Fanshawe Street, Auckland, is owned by M Six Investments and managed by Newcrest. The building was completed in 2009 and has a 5 Green Star Design rating.  The tenant, IAG, has further enhanced this by attaining the first 5 Green Star Interiors rating in New Zealand.

The building’s innovative features include a double skin façade, triple-glazing, under-floor air delivery, automatically controlled blinds and exposed concrete ceilings to help moderate temperature. It also has a full height atrium and a green roof.

However, a great green design isn’t always indicative of how well a building is operated or how energy efficient it will be.

When NABERSNZ, the energy performance tool for office buildings, launched in New Zealand, Newcrest saw it as a useful way to verify the building’s efficiency.

The first NABERSNZ rating in 2013 delivered a ‘market leading’ result of 5 stars out of 6 – putting the NZI Centre well ahead of most other New Zealand buildings. However, both Newcrest and IAG felt the building could do even better.

IAG National Property and Administration Manager Tim Griffith says “Being efficient in our energy use is obviously important as it impacts on our costs as a tenant - however we see this in a far broader context. Building performance, flexibility and efficiency are linked to staff comfort and wellbeing - and in the long term, to productivity and sustainability. Sustainability is an absolutely core value to IAG – so even though it was a great result, we wanted to go further.”

Tenant and landlord have a long record of collaborating on sustainability. After the initial NABERSNZ rating, Newcrest worked closely with IAG to examine how they could improve efficiency.

This included reviewing use of the chillers – and with the help of building consultants eCubed, they began actively managing the building’s chillers. Over a year, this added up to almost four months when the building could be heated or cooled without the need for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) assistance.

As part of its own energy efficiency drive, IAG installed LED lights – which not only lowered their energy use, but also reduced the heat load on the building, further reducing the need for mechanical cooling.

When Newcrest sought a second NABERSNZ rating in 2015 the building achieved 5.5 stars – a whopping 17% improvement.  The building’s energy use is certified as 49kWh per square metre, per year

Tim says that the NABERSNZ 5.5 star rating is valuable for several reasons.

“Apart from the fact that this is the highest score achieved so far for an Auckland building - something we’re incredibly proud of - the rating is independent proof that our partnership with Newcrest to improve our footprint and staff comfort, is as successful as we thought.”

Having already been through the process once, Newcrest Development Director Lincoln Fraser says that the second NABERSNZ rating was straightforward.

“We had the systems in place, so the time it took to provide the relevant data was considerably less - the rating process was even easier than the first time.”

In keeping with their joint commitment to improve energy efficiency, work at the NZI Centre continues. Recent projects include installing more efficient filters in air handling units, and separating out the HVAC for two large training rooms so they can be heated and cooled independently.

Both tenant and owner are now applying learnings from the NZI Centre to other sites and IAG is clear about wanting to use NABERSNZ at other premises to benchmark energy performance. “It’s a good measure of sustainability and quality,” says Tim. “As a tenant it proves we’re getting a well-run site that supports our staff and values.”

Company profiles

The tenant

IAG is the leading general insurance provider in New Zealand across both the direct and intermediated channels. Insurance products are sold directly to customers predominantly under the State and AMI brands, and through intermediaries (insurance brokers and authorised representatives) predominantly under the Lumley and NZI brands.

Being sustainable is fundamental to the way they do business at IAG. They are committed to delivering outcomes that help communities better prepare for and respond to risks, protect the environment, and sustain their economies.

IAG website


The building managers

Newcrest develops and invests in high quality real estate. For the last twenty two years they have developed commercial, residential, industrial and retail properties throughout New Zealand. We focus on quality, attractiveness, and long term usability from the occupier's point of view.

Newcrest has particular expertise in developing low rise, large floor plate commercial office buildings. These buildings allow their clients to transform the way they work, bringing teams closer together, using space more efficiently, and creating a more positive working environment that improves productivity and reduces staff turnover.

They specialise in energy efficient buildings that minimise their impact on the environment.

Newcrest website


The consultants

eCubed is one of New Zealand’s leading building services and ESD consultancies. They synthesise traditional mechanical and electrical services engineering design with new trends in sustainable design.

eCubed website


Big numbers

  • 5 Green Star Design / 5 Green Star fit-out (2009)
  • NZI Centre achieves a 5 star NABERSNZ base building rating (2013)
  • NZI Centre achieves a 5.5 star NABERSNZ base building rating (2015)
  • 17% improvement in energy efficiency between NABERSNZ ratings
  • Energy use certified as 49 kWh per square metres, per year