Rejuvenated iconic government building an outstanding energy benchmark

15 Stout Street

A visionary redevelopment project driven by green principles has transformed an empty heritage office into a 5 star NABERSNZ showstopper.

Built in 1940 the impressive Art Deco-styled building at 15 Stout Street is listed by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga as a Category 2 Historic Place.

15 Stout Street case study [pdf 2.2 MB]


In 2013 a cohesive collaboration between previous owner McKee Fehl Constructors
Ltd, new owner Argosy Property Ltd and its design team implemented a $40 million
redevelopment at the vacant eight-storey structure.

The dynamic project - which achieved a 5 Green Star Office Built rating - focused on

Once obsolete, the building is now a high performance workplace.

Energy efficient features include:

  • Air to Air heat recovery: the energy contained in a normally exhausted building or space air is used to treat (precondition) the incoming outdoor ventilation air in commercial HVAC systems.
  • Small high tech EC fans able to run at low speeds.
  • Building is constructed from reinforced concrete – providing thermal mass which maintains even temperature variations and less need for air conditioning.
  • Occupancy sensors on lighting.
  • Low water use sanitary fittings.

Company Profiles

The owner

Argosy Property Ltd is one of New Zealand’s leading listed property companies with a $1.48 billion portfolio comprising 62 industrial, retail and commercial properties and 182 tenants. Environmental sensibilities underpin its operation. It is a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council. It owns NABERSNZ rated property Te Puni Kōkiri House, Wellington (4 star NABERSNZ whole building 2017; 5 Green Star Built 2014). Its property at 82 Wyndham St, Auckland has recently finished a major refurbishment and seeking a Green Star and NABERSNZ certification.

Argosy Property Ltd

The anchor tenant

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment Hīkina Whakatutuki (MBIE) is the government’s lead business-facing agency delivering policy, advice, regulation and services to support business growth in Aotearoa. MBIE has occupied 15 Stout Street since the property’s redevelopment in 2014. It has a 12 year lease. MBIE has a strong understanding of NABERSNZ. Its facilities staff are part of the building management team at 15 Stout Street.

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment - MBIE website

Big Numbers

  • 2015 – achieves a 5 Green Star Office Built rating
  • 2016 – achieves a 5 star NABERSNZ whole building rating
  • Energy use certified as 115.2 kWh/m2/year
  • GHG Emissions Intensity (22.5 kgCO2-e/m2)