A complete redux for two late 1960s’ buildings

Aurora Centre

The new home for the Ministry for Social Development raises the
bar for A-Grade office buildings.

Aurora Centre case study [pdf 920 KB]


Key sustainable features:

The 2016 refurb saw the two then separate buildings gutted – the Aurora Chambers all but reconstructed – and joined to form a larger, cohesive space measuring at an expansive 24,000 m2.

The former Unisys House was brought from 70-90% of the “New Building Standard” with a bevy of upgrades in tandem with the Aurora Chambers building, which now is at 100% of the “New Building Standard”.

These upgrades include:

  • First use of Fluid Viscous Dampers in NZ for seismic re-strengthening
  • Fit for purpose office layouts developed in conjunction with the MSD
  • High performance, Low-E double glazing
  • An energy efficient DALI lighting system
  • CARDEX Site-wide security & entryway speed gates
  • CO2 based demand on-floor ventilation systems
  • Significant recycling of all metal during deconstruction/demolition
  • Re-use of heavy duty building facilities such as fire rated doors and hydrants

Company Profile

The Owner

Kiwi Property – Property management with a sustainable heart

Kiwi Property wanted a way to verify the performance of and justify their investment in this project. “We are always exploring further advancements as part of our Sustainability Programme,”said Jason Happy.

This NABERSNZ rating was relatively straightforward for Kiwi Property, as they’ve “already completed a number they were familiar with the process and identified equipment and choices that would make the process easier for all parties involved,” says Happy. As one of the largest property managers in New Zealand, they develop some of the best and most notable shopping centres around Te Rapa, Waitakere, Mount Wellington, as well as some of the office buildings that form Auckland’s skyline. Kiwi Property are “increasingly focused on engagement that brings us closer to our communities, builds better social experiences, produces a strong corporate culture and ensures our investments are more resilient and enduring.”

Big Numbers

  • Achieves a 5.5 star NABERSNZ base building rating in 2018
  • Over 24,000m2 Net Lettable Area
  • Energy use certified as 46.5 kWh per m2 per year
  • GHG Emissions Intensity as 9.2 kg CO2-e per m2