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A collaboration between landlord and tenant in Christchurch delivers a building with leading-edge energy credentials and demonstrates the power of shared thinking.

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About 14 Show Place

Located in the suburb of Addington in Christchurch, 14 Show Place comprises two glass-fronted three level buildings linked by a striking double-storied air bridge, set in an attractive campus.

The 7000 square metre office space is the South Island headquarters for IAG insurance provider and its 750 staff.

Built in 2005 by a local developer, IAG has occupied the address from the outset.

When commercial property entity Goodman bought 14 Show Place in 2010 it signalled the starting point of a collaboration between landlord and tenant which spurred an energy-smart refurbishment of the offices and the achievement of New Zealand’s first ever 5 star ‘market leading’ NABERSNZ whole building rating.

The catalyst for the $8 million overhaul at 14 Show Place was three-fold.

 While damage sustained during the 2011 earthquake had to be rectified (the air bridge, floor slabs and stairwells had to be strengthened), a pending lease expiry and concerns about the building’s underperforming air conditioning system and its ability to cope with IAG’s expanded post-quake workforce meant for an uncertain future.

But a solution was forthcoming and it cemented IAG’s commitment to stay put.

Working in tandem Goodman and IAG drew up a plan to upgrade the premises with energy-smart technology which would reduce operational costs, cut the carbon footprint and provide a flexible working environment.

Targeting a 4.5 or 5 star NABERSNZ whole building rating underpinned the entire project. NABERSNZ is an independent measurement and rating tool that benchmarks the energy performance of commercial office buildings in New Zealand.

Today the key energy-astute features at 14 Show Place include:

  • VRF air conditioning system with full heat recovery and a return air system.
  • high tech CO2 sensors for fresh air and temperature sensors.
  • switchless LED lighting with zoned occupancy sensors.
  • daylight harvesting.
  • highly efficient heat pump hot water system.
  • dedicated shower block to encourage cyclists.
  • sophisticated BMS (building management system) with real time monitoring.
  • visual display units on each floor tracking energy efficiency with benchmarking to foster savings by occupants.



IAG and Goodman have shared principles of corporate social responsibility and a strong commitment to green building practices.

The project at 14 Show Place presented a key opportunity for a partnership which would showcase new technology and environmentally-friendly workplace practices.

IAG’s property manager Sarah Ryan says it made “enormous sense” to employ the independent NABERSNZ whole building rating tool (which measures a combination of base building and tenancy energy usage) to provide impetus for best practice energy initiatives and track performance at the refurbished property.

“We needed to understand and measure exactly how 14 Show Place ticked - NABERSNZ could give us those answers.”


The project and NABERSNZ in action

At the outset Christchurch engineers TM Consultants undertook energy modelling at the property – a process which pinpointed air conditioning, lighting, daylight harvesting, hot water heating and the building’s BMS as vital areas for improvement and energy saving.

As the 10 month project commenced Goodman and IAG’s culture of cooperation came to the fore. The majority of staff remained on site - seven weeks was allocated to strip and complete each floor.

“It was challenging but a shared vision bred an environment of collaboration and teamwork which made the construction phase smooth and easy,” says TM Consultants director Mike Baker.

Sarah Ryan says “a second to none partnership between IAG and Goodman” has been instrumental in 14 Show Place receiving its ground-breaking NABERSNZ rating.

Following the Christchurch earthquakes and resulting claims IAG’s workforce has doubled in size. Yet despite increased occupancy the building has demonstrated a huge 40 percent saving on energy costs.


The value of NABERSNZ

IAG and Goodman say NABERSNZ has set a yardstick for commercial building performance in New Zealand which delivers a raft of crucial benefits including transparency of energy costs plus growth in the quality and value of an office building.

 “NABERSNZ adds value for building owners and encourages more comfortable, efficient, well-lit, secure and healthy spaces for tenants,” says Mike Baker.

IAG property manager Sarah Ryan recommends a NABERSNZ rating should be part of any commercial lease agreement.

“Landlords and tenants change. If a NABERSNZ rating is written into a building’s lease documents it’s locked in and future-proofs sustainability.”

She says NABERSNZ benchmarking brings with it an ongoing challenge to do better.

“Many staff start the day early so we’re now switching off our air conditioning at 4pm. If a team stays late we can adjust its zone. If a staff member has a personal fridge we encourage them to use our shared kitchen facilities. If someone has a personal heater we alter the air conditioning in their sphere to make them comfortable. Our building management system (BMS) gauges our entire space so staff can make requests for the area in which they work and we can fine-tune our energy use.”

Company profiles

The owner
In late 2015 Goodman sold 14 Show Place to an investor group represented by Queenstown-based specialist law firm Mitchell Mackersy Lawyers. A NABERSNZ rating of at least 4.5 stars is included in the lease agreement for 14 Show Place.

The building manager
Maori Hill Property (MHP) Ltd has one of the largest commercial property portfolios in New Zealand with over $700 million of assets under management. Key sustainable buildings in its stable include Vodafone InnoV8 and Kathmandu Papa Kāinga in central Christchurch.

The tenant
IAG is a prominent provider of insurance in New Zealand. It has around 47 percent of the general insurance market in New Zealand and 4000 employees. Demonstrating sustainable practices in its workplaces is fundamental to its business ethos.

Big Numbers

  • Whole building energy use at 14 Show Place has reduced by 40 percent since 2010.
  • Energy use certified as 115.8kWh per square metres , per year
  • 2016 – achieves a 5 star NABERSNZ whole building rating – a first for New Zealand.