Performance advice for public buildings

The best time to make a building more energy efficient and low carbon is when it's being designed, built or refurbished. That's when you can make the most of natural light and heat, and reduce costs of lighting, heating and cooling systems.

We can fund up to 100% of the cost of getting expert advice on any stage of a public building’s design and construction.

Our Programme Partners are experts who can help you at one or more of these 4 stages of building design, construction or refurbishment.

  • Stage A - Thermal envelope – reviewing your plans and identifying options to improve energy efficiency that can be built into the design.
  • Stage B - Building services – working with you to ensure energy efficiency features are incorporated into detailed specifications, including recommendations for plant and equipment.
  • Stage C - Commissioning – helping ensure building systems are commissioned for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Stage D - Occupancy energy audit – making sure energy use and operation of equipment is in line with the building specifications (within the first 12 months of the building’s occupation) and recommending any necessary adjustments.

Benefits of energy efficient design

Designing a public building to be energy efficient has advantages for developers, building owners and tenants:

  • lower energy costs for tenants
  • lower running costs
  • lower maintenance
  • more comfortable for occupants
  • value of a building holds for longer
  • slower depreciation
  • meeting the growing market demand for energy efficient buildings.

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