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The Auckland University of Technology has achieved a 5-star rating for the WO building located at 56 Wakefield street, Auckland for the NABERSNZ energy rating which certifies it as one among the energy efficient buildings in New Zealand.

The main aim of AUT is to reduce the buildings wasteful energy consumption. In order to cut down the solar heat gain and to reduce air conditioning load thinsulate films were added to the windows facing north and east directions and LED lighting was installed. Energy efficient chillers and new HVAC control systems have been installed and the building management system (BMS) is constantly tweaked so that air conditioning is only on when people are in the building. The BMS automatically monitors all HVAC systems and alerts the Facilities Management Team of developing equipment failures so they can be repaired before there is a loss of air-conditioning or energy wastage.

About WO Building


56 Wakefield Street, Auckland


5 Stars

Type of rating

Whole Building


3 June 2021


Owner AUT University
NABERSNZ Assessor Simon Ross