27 Gillies

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This building located on 27 Gillies Avenue Newmarket has central roof mounted solar panels to provide energy for the common power which therefore minimizes electrical opex costs. The external lighting is designed to operate in the normal business hours. 27 Gillies Avenue is very well connected to public transport with the Newmarket station which can be reached within a 10-minute walk. All car park luminaries are upgraded to LED and controlled through a series of movement sensors which will turn the lights on/off is there is no personal movement.

The building involves the technology of improving the indoor environment by maximising natural daylight, reducing glare, maximising external views and reducing internal noise. The building also reduces energy from fit out components, including lighting and equipment, improving thermal efficiency of the space and the use of grey water.

About 27 Gillies Avenue

Address 27 Gillies Avenue, Auckland
NABERSNZ rating 4.5 Stars
Type of rating Base
Expires 14 September 2021
Size 4224.7m²
Owner Samson Corporation Ltd
NABERSNZ Assessor Anthony Calderone